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About Sue PritchardHow does a children’s nurse from London England, who then took a law degree, become a wood turner in Muskoka?
The story is one of happenstance combined with a passion for the chameleon-like ability of wood to be transformed into exquisite bowls, vases, peppermills and boxes amongst other things for the home.
Sue’s work is individually hand made. Under her skillful hands Sue takes block of Maple, Beech or Ash and turns it on a lathe in her home based workshop. Some of the work is given a natural finish to allow the grains of the work to stand out.
Sue’s award winning bowls are textured or beaded on the outside, using an assortment of carving tool or chisels to get the desired About Sue Pritchardeffect. They are then treated with wood stains, waxes and gilt creams in warm colors many pieces reminiscent of fall in Muskoka or the rich blue hues of the areas lakes. All pieces are unique and individual.
If you are in Muskoka you are most welcome to drop by the workshop to see the wood turning process, and to visit the display room, by chance or appointment.